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A wood trading company located in Maubeuge (Dept 59 – France) we invite you to discover our know-how and business activities.

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RNBS offers you an innovatory service for buying and selling wood quickly and simply.

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RNBS : International trade and export

Wood exportation

Richard Négo Bois & Services Has specialized in the purchase and export of wood all over the world since 2006.

With 10 years of experience in the wood trade, Olivier Richard, the manager of RNBS, has sold over 250,000m3 of logs to date.

Our speciality

Wood exports
  • Precious hardwoods such as chestnut, European maple, ash or cherry which we sell in France, Europe and Asia.

Our undertaking

  • Always favour human relations to meet your requirements as best as we can.
  • Procure our wood from eco-certified woods located in the finest French and Belgian forests.
  • Maintain and conserve private forests.

Our assets

  • High logging standards.
  • Customized service tailored to each need.
  • Expert knowledge of the raw material.
  • Efficient supply chain.
  • Short delivery times.
  • Each order is tracked in detail.

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Purchase and sale of timber

Our business is divided into two activites

  • Purchasing wood from forest owners, organizing and managing logging operations.
  • Selecting the species and simplifying procurements for our French, European and Asian customers.

RNBS – simple, efficient service

  • We take care of everything – from the time of your initial enquiry to delivery of the logs.
  • We propose and select each grade of wood in order to deliver a product that meets your needs and requirements.
  • With the customer’s approval, we ship the logs within the shortest possible delivery time (RNBS takes care of the logistics).
  • As soon as you receive the logs, we check that you are entirely satisfied with the delivery.
  • You can choose between the most common INCOTERMS.

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For Europe

We have a range payment terms and methods to suit our clients.

For Asia

We use documentary letters of credit in order to guarantee the undertakings of each party.

We procure our wood from the north of France, Belgium and Luxemburg.

We mainly operate during the winter season in order to ensure sap-free logs and well preserved timber.

As part of our environmental policy we mainly work to order.

Logs and species

Wood species

We only sell logs of European species of timber :

In order of quantity :
  • Chestnut
  • European maple and hard maple
  • Ash
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Beech
  • Birch
  • Elder
  • Lime
  • Hornbeam

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The RNBS approach

Practical steps in the wood selling process


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